Spooky Scary Movies To Watch This Halloween Season : Podcast Recap

Last week we posted a podcast labeled “Spooky Scary Movies To Watch This Halloween Season” where we shared our thoughts of a few spooky films that would make this Halloween season a thrilling one. Obviously, we are two days away from Halloween night but that doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze in a film or two before and after!  I’ve compiled a quick list of the films we recommend and highlight our favorites from the list we shared! 

Let’s start with Josh’s recommended Halloween films:

  • The Silence of the Lambs – Getting to know Hannibal Lecter
  • The Conjuring – A family haunted by the past tenants of their new home. 
  • The Village – A small community with bad colors and no computers. 
  • The Mist – Thick fog and monsters at all sides. 
  • The Ring – Seven days of mystery till death. 
  • The Ritual –  A gentle hike through the Swedish Highlands went wrong.
  • A Quiet Place – Don’t make a sound, they’ll hear you. 
A Quiet Place was written and directed by John Krasinski

Of the movies that Josh shared, I would have to say my personal favorites are A Quiet Place, which places “the Office” star John Krasinski as the lead in an alternate world where something has pushed for silence or death. A great film to watch with a group or on a date that will have you deep in conversation during and after the film! 

Second, I’d like to talk about The Conjuring film and franchise. What a film this is, showing us the thrills and terror of moving into a new home and experiencing the unknown and unexplainable. This first film in the series has since led to seven additional films all designed to do one thing, scare the viewers and give them a little to think about. 

Vince has recommended the following Films:

  • It Follows – A ghost that haunts whoever you share it with. 
  • Alien – Space Jaws, just without Sharks. 
  • The Descent – A bad cave to explore with friends. 
  • The Haunting of Hill House – Family drama combined with a ghost or two. 
  • The Invitation – friends who get back together see how much each other has changed. 
The Haunting of Hill House can be watched on Netflix

I’d like to highlight The Haunting of Hill House as my favorite tv series that Vince shared with us because it drops us into the events surrounding the Crain family and the death of a family member. It’s most definitely a time commitment but well worth watching if you want a thrilling tale. Also, a member of this cast was the boy from ET, Henry Thomas. Now that I’ve said that you won’t be able to not see him as a hooded bicycle child from the ’80s. 

I have yet to watch “It Follows” but based off Vince’s storytelling and outline I can say that It Follows is one you should put on your list fer sure! One more thought on Alien, which boasts the tagline “In space, no one can hear you scream.” How’s that for freaky?

Finally, I’ll share my recommended Halloween films:

  • The Others – Family on large estate eagerly awaits a father’s return from war. 
  • The Strangers – Home invasion, because you were home. 
  • Saw(1) – Why id this happening? What is this little game?
  • The Sixth Sense – A child tells everything they see and it’s not as it seems. 
  • The Creep – Film for a day, not the safest way to play. 
  • Darkness Falls – Don’t look at the Tooth Fairy or you’ll regret it. 

I’d like to highlight my favorite film on my list, The Strangers. It’s freaky, unexplainable, and truly highlights my fear of being in remote places. This is a film you’ll want to watch with a buddy, and have a big talk about after. 

The Strangers is based on “True Events”

Finally, who can go wrong talking about a strange film, The Creep. This was an unexpected journey for me and my wife as we watched the events unfold not knowing what was going to happen next. 

Obviously, there are thousands of films that could be talked about. These are just a few of our recommendations we chatted about in an episode of the Pause Rewind Play Podcast. Share your best go-to films to watch this spooky season.  

Happy Halloween
– Casey

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