3 Comedies For Your Next Flight

Over Halloween, I took a trip with my wife to Amsterdam to see a new city, try out some new food, and see a family member I had not visited in nearly 20 years. It was an amazing experience that I’d recommend anyone to travel to new places and make new friends. You’re probably wondering what my trip has to do with movies.

Well, getting to Amsterdam required a few hours on an airplane crossing the Atlantic Ocean. We needed to be entertained, and United Airlines delivered quality movies on the 9-inch seat back screen. Watching movies on an airplane is easier than ever because most of us carry around some sort of device that enables us to watch our favorite movies with ease. Personally, on airplanes I’m a multitask-er, I watch a film on the seat back screen and play a game on my phone. This is why I loved our flights, we had nearly unlimited in flight entertainment and I wanted to share with you the three comedies that made us laugh out loud 30,000 feet above the Atlantic: Long Shot  The House, and Tag.

Long Shot:

I had heard of Long Shot and wanted to watch Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron bring some fun into my day. I hadn’t expected much and that was a good thing because this is an R rated comedy and as much as I love Seth Rogen, it’s starring Seth Rogen. I say this only because Seth Rogen has a long history of staring in funny R rated comedies that lack depth despite their humor.  Need I say more? I thought there were a number of great laughs and moments shared in this film. 

This film highlights the journey of a successful woman who is the secretary of state for an uninterested, self-absorbed president. She joins forces with a goofy guy, and the sparks fly. This film will make you laugh and maybe relate a little to today’s current political climate.  

I’d watch this film again if I was in the right mood and with the right people. It was cool to see a film that had this quote in it, “It’s “Pretty Woman”, but she’s Richard Gere and you’re Julia Roberts.”. I loved that and think it made for a bunch of good laughs on the way. 

The House:

Ever wanted to raise some fast cash? Even needed to pay for a large unexpected expense?  Ever realized you might be able to run a casino night out of your house? Well, the cast of “The House” put these thoughts into action and much more. Led by Amy Poehler, Will Ferell, and Jason Mantzoukas this cast runs around delivering a playful look into “Adulting” and the challenges some may face. 

My wife watched this first, and I kept looking over at her laughing, wondering why. After her recommendation, I, too, laughed my way through this movie and the strange journey that the Johansen’s have with their friends. The film delivers surprises around every corner that will keep you laughing throughout the film. Just be prepared to laugh and don’t look too critically at the film and you’ll enjoy yourself! 


Tag is by far my favorite of the three movies I’m writing about. It brings the real-life game of childhood to life in a fun fast-paced story about five lifelong friends and their desire to do as the title suggests; play tag.  This film starts out showing off the history of the game then jumps right into one of the friends (played by Ed Helms) interviewing for a job as a janitor just so he can sneak attack Jon Hamm’s character and tag him. The cast also includes Jake Johnson (Nick, from New Girl).   This film starts out and stays fun, and with lots of laughs. 

Another reason to enjoy Tag is that it is based on a true story about friends from Washington state who have been playing tag for nearly thirty years.  Hollywood has beefed up the story a bit, but can you imagine a friendship like this, where you and your best friends have kept something up since high school? The film showcases how close these friends have been having been at weddings, births of children, and through the hard times too. 

Tag shows little about quality friendships that have their ups and downs and particularly how to resolve conflict within a friendship or relationship. This is a must-see, in my opinion, and my favorite on the list. 

Of the three films, which have you watched and which is your favorite?

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