Films That Made My Childhood Imagination Venture Far Beyond The Screen.

Like many of you who listen to our podcast or read this blog, there are movies that stick out from your childhood that made an impact on how you viewed the world. These films might be obscure cult classics a parent watched, that movie you watched at your friend’s house that your mother wished you hadn’t, or the first movie you watched in the theater. Movies made my childhood in rural Utah a big adventure and have shaped a small part of how I see the world today. 

I could name at least a dozen films that remind me of my childhood. Movies such as “The Man from Snowy River” inspired me to do brave things and to take time to hear the music. The cult classic “Krull” allowed me to dream of a distant world where you could find big adventure and a few familiar pieces of history despite being lightyears away. “The Lord of the Rings trilogy” taught me that friendship is key when setting off on a challenging adventure and finally, films like “Indiana Jones” taught me that there are times you have to stand alone against the bad guys and that traveling the world might not be as glamorous as it seems. 

These are just a few of the films that shaped my adventures and imagination as a child. I thought I’d share a bit more about my favorite childhood films and series that I still look back with fondness with today. 
They are as follows:

  • The Mummy 
  • Indiana Jones Franchise
  • Crocodile Dundee 
  • Harry Potter Films
  • The Princess Bride

I was a funny kid, obsessed with adventures and adventurers. A big part of this list is going to talk about films that involve people on adventures that are bigger than any of us. The first film I’d like to talk about is “The Mummy”. Think about this, it’s 1999 and 9-year old me is running around the living room watching the mummy jumping around the couches and tossing GI JOE dolls to and fro around the room as we escape from Imhotep and his magic without getting eaten by scarab beetles. 

This film was everything to me, an adventure, thrilling, and slightly scary all at once. Following Rick O’Connell around and seeing his ability to improvise at any time while taking a moment or two to freak out always appealed to me as I felt that way about how I handled life. A little too much on the fly, but we’d figure things out as we went. If you haven’t watched The Mummy in a few years be prepared it was released in 1999 and the sequel isn’t too bad either! 

I warned you I’d be bringing up adventure films. Next, I’d like to share about the Indiana Jones series minus the crystal skull(Sorry Shia). These films were among my favorites because I thought that my dad was Indiana Jones. The thrill of chasing the bad guys all over the world, using a whip to escape dangerous situations, and riding off into the sunset on a horse or two always seemed like a great life. I could watch any of them any day as a child, The Raiders of the Lost ark inspired me to make friends in diverse places, The Temple of Doom reminded me not to ask too many questions when I was eating in foreign places and the Last Crusade taught me that I needed to find a way to be a good son and save my dad when he needed a hand. 

I’d recommend watching these movies again as an adult and seeing if there is a bit of Indiana Jones in you today. Just prepare yourself for some awesome 80’s special effects and some epic George Lucas writing and directing! What are you waiting for?

Ever wanted to go to Australia? Ever wanted a guide who is known by the name Crocodile Dundee? Well watching this classic comedy/adventure film is the way to go. Filled with some Good laughs and unique Australian experiences this is one that you might enjoy. I think the real humor in this is the number of things said and done in the film that is lost in translation. 

As a kid, I loved the Harry Potter films, the books had been a fun part of my childhood and the movies helped my teenage years have a bit more magic in them. I went to 6 of 8 premieres and joined in the fun of dressing up and being apart of the movement that brought these films to life. I have yet to receive my letter but these films are great for all ages and are worth the watch if you haven’t seen them yet.  

I couldn’t end this list without bringing up the film that made Mandy Patinkin’s voice ring through thousands of households “ You killed my father, prepare to die!” and Cary Elwes “As you Wish” the line so many longed to hear from their Westley. The Princess Bride is a film that everyone can relate to because there is a little bit of every character(Minus Prince Humperdink) in each of us. This film is a great watch for all ages and if you have a friend who hasn’t watched this best get some pizza and start watching now! 

Thanks for reading through my movie memories that made my childhood imagination venture out on great adventures! Movies were a fun part of my childhood and are now as an adult I feel the same. As movies are apart of my relationship with my wife as we go to films on Sunday afternoons and share the films of our childhood as home too.  I hope that you can relate to some of these films the same way as I do and if you have some I failed to share let me know! 

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