Oscars Recap

As the lights dim on the 2019 film season and we look ahead to 2020, the Oscars gave us a chance to look back and reflect on where film has taken us this last year. We’ve traveled from the secret tunnels under the United States to Nazi Germany; from Gotham to A Galaxy Far, Far, Away. Film transports us from daily living to a separate, creative mind space, where we can let our minds and hearts relax and run free in the universe and stories created by filmmakers. The Oscars definitely aren’t perfect, but the yearly ritual of the red carpet and golden statues remind us of some of the best in the past year of Cinema.

Besides the Best Picture upset, the night had other surprises in store, none smaller than Oscar winning artist Eminem showing up to perform his 2003 Best Original Song winner “Lose Yourself.” This performance, among others, kept the show light and exciting between award winners.

As a sports and movie enthusiast, the fact that the Super Bowl and Oscars are now behind us is mildly depressing. But as I celebrated along with Bong Joon-ho last Sunday night, I realized that the celebration will only continue. Each year is a new opportunity for both experienced and emerging filmmakers to show the world their talents. A new year for us to laugh, learn, and experience new worlds brought to us through the medium of film. 2019 will be looked on by myself and many others with fondness and will not be forgotten. But we’re in 2020 now, and the film world is evolving every day. Time to see what we’ve learned from 2019, and see how much better it makes 2020.


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