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We recently talked about Jon Favreau’s “Chef” on the podcast and we all brought up the mouth-watering food in this film. I thought the vision behind Chef was to show the beauty of food through the voice and passion of the creator, chef Carl Casper. What we know from the film is Chef Casper has the skills to perform at the highest level in the kitchen but lost his passion and vision after years of mundane work and challenging life events. Despite his hardships, Carl shares his passion for food with us through his post-meltdown project “El Jefe”.

Below is a list of ma favorite foods shown in the film. 

 Despite the Molten Lava Cake being made at the start of the film when he was in a rut creatively, I enjoy these cakes; they just hit the spot, and it took me back to warm days with my family on a cruise ship and the times my wife and I make them at home. This food isn’t the best food in the film, but for me, it brought back memories shared with family and sounds pretty good right now. 

I’m also always down for delicious pasta and Carl Casper’s Pasta Aglio e Olio that he makes for Scarlett Johansson. The pasta looks simple in the film but is packed with flavor. Looking at the recipe, it has the flavors of garlic, red pepper, and parmesan cheese, all of which I enjoy separately, so I can imagine they’re delicious together in this dish! I’m looking to cook this up at home in the coming week. Check out the recipe here. 

When Carl is sent home from the restaurant after his disagreement with the owner, he created a delicious-looking berry and cream dessert that looked fantastic; filled with flavors from the fresh berries, cream, and the brittle he dusted over the dish. Makes we want to mask up and visit the store today and whip up the dish that helped Carl step back into cooking for himself.  

Anyone else a fan of beignets? When they stopped in New Orleans, Carl took Percy to snag a few Café Du Monde Beignets, which not only made for a great father-son bonding experience over sweets but also a reminder that sweet things aren’t always the most well known. I looked up the cost of snagging a box of Café Du Monde Beignet mix to have at home and think I need to invite Josh and Vince over for a film and Beignet night. 

Finally, the sandwich that had me craving it at 9 am on a Sunday, the Cuban Pork Sandwich or Cubanos. The way they highlighted the crew creating them in the truck after they get everything cleaned up and ready for business had my mouth watering. Then, after seeing the care and detail they put into each sandwich I had to have one. Despite not finding the El Jefe food truck in Utah I was able to locate a satisfactory Cubano and curb my cravings until I can locate them next! 

BONUS: Percy’s Grilled Cheese

“Chef” was a fun film that showed us we can get back up even after years of stagnation and being broken down. My favorite line from the film says everything you need to know about the fictional Carl Casper, the real Chef Roy Choi who coached and possibly inspired the film, and so many others who work in the food industry, “I may not do everything great in my life, but I’m good at this. I manage to touch people’s lives with what I do and I want to share this with you.”

If you’ve watched Chef and want to see more goodness from Jon Favreau and Roy Choi checkout “Chef Show” on Netflix.  

Check out our latest episode on Chef everywhere podcasts can be heard. 
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