The Old Guard Was Neither A Hit Nor A Miss

Film: The Old Guard(2020)
Directed By: Gina Prince-Bythewood

Starring: Charlize Theron, KiKi Layne, Matthias Schoenaerts, Marwan Kenzari, Luca Marinelli, Harry Melling, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Ngô Thanh Vân.

Key Details: Filmed in Europe, Morocco, and around the UK. The Netflix film was based on the comic of the same name by Image Comics. Netflix reported the film was streamed 72 million times between July 10th and July 17th. 

Ratings: IMDB:6.7 / 10 Rotten Tomatoes: 81% Metacritic: 70% Google: 95%

My Rating:
3 out of 5 thumbs up

Summary in a Tweet:
Shadow group adds a new member while trying to remain hidden from the public eye. Featuring vibes from Underworld, Wolverine, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Girl in the Spiders Web.

Simple Overview:
The start of the film is told from Andy’s point of view looking at what is happening around her and wondering what is next. We are then taken back before the moment and slowly introduced to the team and the world they live in and navigate through. We see the strength of the team and their unique abilities in combat. We are then introduced to a soldier in Afghanistan Nile, who after a life-altering experience begins to experience the world differently. After uniting with Andy and her team Nile learns the world is full of secrets, ones that she never imagined being practical. 

This film shows the struggles of life as those who live in the shadows of civilization, hunted by those who would exploit the recently discovered. Aside from a strong female lead by Theron the film also shows a long term relationship between Joe and Nicky two warriors who stand with Andy in her missions around the globe. The final member of the group is Booker, a man haunted by his past and has a desire to change the future through any means possible. With the newest addition of Nile the balance in the team is shaken and a new chapter begins. 

While Nile adapts to her new life she also battles with leaving her family behind and joining this new family made of misfits who are wanted by a British entrepreneur. She chooses her new family and shows them her value through a series of unplanned challenges in the UK. 

This film had a number of well thought out action scenes that included old world handtools and modern mechanized weaponry combined for a fast-paced film that keeps you interested till the end. Despite a few holes in the background of the story this film was overall extremely entertaining with great stunt work, acting, and an imaginative alternate world for newcomers to experience. 

The Old Guard is a solid action film you ought to add to your watchlist at least once this summer on Netflix. 

Have I watched this before?:
Nope, The Old Gaurd was released on July 10th, 2020 on Netflix.


What Could Have Been Better:
I felt the backstory was rushed and unclear. Which caused me to feel lost a few times along the way. I think having a short prequel with Copely talking through his research in the early stages to bridge the gap for those of us new to this story.

What I loved: I enjoyed the team as a whole. The locations were extremely cool and called to my desire to travel freely and operate on my own schedule from anywhere in the world. The well thought out action sequences in this film were extremely cool(Andy is a master assassin who wields a rad double-edged battle-ax!). The final action sequence was one of the better urban assaults I’ve watched in a film. Overall I enjoyed this movie, and will probably watch it again!

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