The Rental Made Me Think Twice About Weekend Getaways.

Film: The Rental (2020)

Directed By: Dave Franco
Starring: Alison Brie, Jeremy Allen White, Dan Stevens, Sheila Vans, and Toby Huss

Key Details: The Rental is Dave Franco’s directorial debut and is a modern twist of horror. THis film was filmed around Portland and Bandon Oregon. This film is freaky and feels like it could happen to anyone who has looked into a weekend getaway.

Ratings: IMDB: 5.8 /10 Rotten Tomatoes:71% Metacritic:70% Google:66%

My Rating: 4/5 thumbs up 

Summary in a Tweet: Four friends take a much needed weekend getaway to the Oregon coast. A number of things start to not add up and the unforgettable adventure begins.

Simple Overview: Two young executives take their romantic partners on a weekend getaway to Oregon. Their interactions with the host are unusual from the first interaction which sends the weekend off on a strange foot. Their first night leaves half the group uneasy and in an unresolved state that leaves the other half unhappy and raises a small alarm amongst the group. 

After a hike and then a quick search for a missing dog more uneasiness hoovers over the group till an unwanted visitor makes the weekend a bit more uncomfortable for everyone. Thrill is even more present and the mayhem begins. 

The Rental will drag you through a slow 30 min to leave your heart racing with unease for the next 60. Be prepared to be uncomfortable and scared while watching this film.

Have I watched this before?: Nope, it was released July 24th, we watched it opening night from our home.


What Could Have Been Better:The first half was very slow but helped build the discomfort and fear needed for this modern take on a thrilling flick in a place you nor the guests are at home during your stay.

What I loved:  The Rental is a strong thrilling opener for the directing career of Dave Franco, leading us to see there is a bit of a serious tone for the usually  funny man. Each of the actors played their part well with a strong performance from Alison Brie as an uneasy and uncertain partner in this film. The setting of the house was beautifully captured and well accompanied by the soundtrack in the background as we make our way through this unforgettable weekend getaway. 

I thought this was a great set up for a modern thriller that had the influence of the strangers attached to it while keeping fairly fresh as it went along. Not only were the group a mess when the film started they ended the same, a dysfunctional mess that was affected by outside forces on their lives. 

The Rental is a solid release and a smart rental for a night you’re looking to be thrilled during the current closure of the theaters. We rented the film through iTunes and it was well worth it.

Final Thoughts:
Dave Franco has cleverly brought the modern vacation rental thriller to life. We all joke about how sketchy some weekend rentals could be and this film confirms you have every reason to be leery on your weekend getaways. While this film started slow it ended strong making The Rental a film I’d recommend renting next time you are looking for a thrilling film.

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