Warcraft Wasn’t Bad At All.

Film: Warcraft (2016)
Directed By: Duncan Jones

Starring: Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster, Dominic Cooper, Toby Kebbell, Ben Schnetzer, Robert Kazinsky, Clancy Brown, and Daniel Wu. 

Key Details:
First feature film for Blizzard Entertainment. Directed by Duncan Jones son of David Bowie. Despite Critic’s negative ratings it received high reviews from viewers around the globe with the bulk of the film’s profits coming from China.  The film is an easy introduction to the Warcraft Universe and not too hard of a storyline to follow in my opinion as a semi newb to the Warcraft Universe.

Ratings: IMDB: 6.8/10 Rotten Tomatoes: 28% Metacritic: 32% Google Users: 87%

My Rating:
4/5 Thumbs up. Would be a perfect 5 but ya know it’s the little things.

Summary in a Tweet:
Brutish invaders arrived in a new land where they are met with resistance from the local population.

Simple Overview:
Warcraft is a film that reminds us of the oldest struggles we constantly hear about emigration to a new place. In Warcraft we are introduced to the Orcs and people of Azeroth who begin to wage war as one plunders and destroys while the other is set to defend their world from the invading army. A tale as old as time, a battle over borders.

As we step into a world of light and dark magic and a battle between mankind and orc-kind.We see the Horde leave their homeworld through the dark magic of the Fel. This starts a chaotic grasp for safety for the people of Azeroth. The first installment of a hopeful trilogy set us up for a bigger war than we can imagine.

Have I watched this before?:
Yes! I think this film deserved more love than was given to it by critics. It was a step into the Warcraft Universe and a huge step forward in CGI.


What Could Have Been Better:
This film was a strong step forward for CGI and the look into what our adaptions of games to film could look like. The story was a little jumpy but not so much that you couldn’t follow along.

What I loved: I loved that the film was told by both sides. The Orcs and the people of Azeroth told their experience of the arrival of the Horde and what needed to happen next to protect their people. I’m a huge fan of the storytelling here.

I enjoyed Travis Fimmel’s acting in this film. He stands strong as a leading man. I felt that Paula Patton did an excellent job of portraying a being who was an outsider looking for a place to belong. The supporting cast each held a strong piece of the movies and helped this new film take shape smoothly. 

This was an all-around fun film for many reasons including the lore of Warcraft, The Magic, the action throughout the film, and the feeling of adventure. I’d recommend watching this film at least once!   

Final Thoughts:  While Warcraft didn’t perform well in theaters in the US it was a massive success abroad and should be the stepping stone for moviegoers into Azeroth and the battle happening between Orcs and mankind. It was a GCI action film that was fun to watch and imagine the wider world of. Warcraft should get another film to expand the storyline and help Blizzard step into the cinematic universe with the stories they have been sharing for 20+ years.

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