Why We Cycle Is A Great Look Into Dutch Bike Culture

Film: Why We Cycle
2017 ‧ Documentary ‧ 57 mins
Directors: Gertjan Hulster and Arne Gielen
Starring: The Dutch
Key Details: This Documentary looks into what cycling has done for the Dutch culture and how it has made the Netherlands a bike-friendly country that is reaping many health benefits from the simple act of riding their bikes. 

Ratings: IMDB: 7/10

My Rating: 4.5 / 5,
This was a solid look into the benefits society can get from utilizing foot-powered energy to get from place to place. There were a few small tweaks I’d have made in the film but that is my 2 cents, not a fact.

Summary in a Tweet:
The Dutch love their bikes, they are a country of 17 million who own 23 million bicycles and counting. This documentary looks into the benefits cycling has had on their country. Such as health reasons, social impact, city design, and more. Meet everyday citizens and learn from them “Why We Cycle”

Simple Overview:
Why We Cycle highlights something tourists who visit the Netherlands love, Dutch bike culture.  We hear from an array of Dutch citizens about why they lobe their bikes and what it does for them such as their interactions with people they might not have met if they weren’t on a bike, the increase in the trust they have in others as they see the respect with each pump of their pedal they have for each other, and the trust it builds around their country as a whole. Why We Cycle should be a film shown to urban planners throughout the world as they look to build cities that support larger populations who need space for humans to interact with the world around them. 

Have I watched this before?: Nope, I saw this on a friend’s Instagram story a while back and wanted to watch it since. Great find fer sure!


What I loved: I visited the Netherlands last fall with my wife and quickly learned about the Dutch and their bike use. It made me curious about biking and the benefits from doing it regularly, rain or shine, winter or summer, or anytime I stepped out the door. I loved this film was your everyday person talking about their experiences and the benefits they see from their culture.

I liked how they talked about the Dutch as having an egalitarian ethos which is why you’ll see most of the bikes they ride around the cities all tattered but in working order as to show they all do the same, pedal wherever they go. Even the rich, royals and government officials ride bikes as they travel through dutch cities. Imagine that here in the US, a society where everyone rides bikes and we spent less time driving around and showing off our wealth s often.

Final Thoughts:
If you’re curious about Dutch biking culture then Why We Cycle will be an enjoyable and informative watch for you that will inspire you to get out on your bike right after the film ends. Check out “Why We Cycle” on Vimeo or on Amazon Prime Video to get your bike culture fix.

Why We Cycle
Dutch Cycling Facts

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