Annabelle: Creation Was Terrifying

Film: Annabelle: Creation
Directed By: David F. Sandberg

Talitha Bateman, Lulu Wilson, Stephanie Sigman, Miranda Otto, and  Anthony LaPaglia.

Key Details:
2017, Supernatural Thriller. Is set up as a prequel to 2014’s Annabelle. Set and Filmed in California. Won an award from iHorror for best horror remake/sequel. 

Ratings: IMDB: 6.5/10 Rotten Tomatoes: 71% Metacritic: 62% Google Users: 86%

My Rating: 4/5
Was better than Annabelle felt creepier with the different surroundings. I mean who doesn’t find an old house in the hills creepy?

Simple Overview:
A group of orphans relocates to a house in the California hills with a secret that has been sleeping for 12 years.

Have I watched this before?:
Nope, This was my first time and oh boy was it better than the first Annabelle film watched.


What Could Have Been Better:
I think a bigger focus on the wife could have been an interesting part of this story and a welcome addition. Also, there is a link to what happened in Romania with the nun I need more info on that.

What I loved & Final Thoughts: Annabelle: Creation was a thrilling film that served its purpose to tell the origin of the Annabelle doll and scare us during the process. The remote setting in the California mountains makes the experiences of the orphans extremely chilling and real. I enjoyed learning about the backstory of the family throughout the film while we experience fear at every turn of the film. I love the Annabelle story and how the family attempted to contain the dolls’ evil in the child’s room. 

Each of the adult actors paired well with the kid actors in this film. I can only imagine that it is hard to work with younger actors and the bulk cast of this film was probably under the age of 15 while filming. David Samberg  captured another great thriller(Lights Out) and shared his artistic vision with few major hiccups.

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2 thoughts on “Annabelle: Creation Was Terrifying

  1. Nice review! I also quite enjoyed the film myself.

    I highly suggest checking out the director’s short films. They’re all on youtube and highly terrifying, so you should give them a shot if you’re up for some more nightmare fuel.

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