Greyhound Is A Must See

Film: Greyhound
Directed By: Aaron Schneider
Starring: Tom Hanks, Elisabeth Shue, Stephen Graham, Rob Morgan, Tom Brittney, Karl Glusman, and Manuel Garcia-Rulfo.

Key Details: Released in 2020, War / Drama Film. Watch on Apple TV +, Was supposed to be released in theaters but due to the Covid-19 Pandemic Apple TV + purchased the film for 70 million and released it on the platform. 

Ratings: IMDB: 7.1/10  Rotten Tomatoes: 79%  Metacritic: 64% Google Users: 92%

My Rating: 4.5/5,
This is the first navy specific drama film that I have watched and it stood out as a strong reminder of all the Navy did during the War to keep troops and commodities moving between North America and Europe.

Summary in a Tweet:
A lot can happen when you don’t have air support beware of those who hunt from the depths.

Have I watched this before?:
Nope, this is a new film released on July 10th, 2020. As soon as it was released it was on my AppleTV+ watchlist. I’m glad I watched it. 


What Could Have Been Better: Despite this being a large ship with a few hundred seamen the main focus is on Tom Hanks’ character, Ernest Krause, and his thoughts on everything. I think we could have used a little more perspective on the situation.  

What I loved and Final Thoughts: Even though I felt we saw too much from Tom Hanks’ leading role as Ernest Krause in Greyhound I enjoyed his portrayal as the new Commander of the USS Keeling AKA Greyhound. He showed us a wide range of emotions he had during the ordeal. As a man of faith but also a leader of a variety of men out in the open water. I find his ability to lead impressive as an actor and a commander on the ocean. 

The dialogue was beautiful because it matched what would have been saying in the era this takes place in. You can feel the strain of the scenario, the fear in the crew, and the forced calmness of a commander as Commander Krause leads his men throughout the night hunting those who are hunting them.

The battles seemed beautifully captured at night and day. Seeing the guns in action from the ship was very cool for me. I grew up in a city that had the guns off a navy ship that was decommissioned after World War Two so seeing them in action was interesting to me and felt more real because I had seen one before. 

The thrill and fear of war could be seen on the accompanying crew’s faces and actions through the film. They performed their assigned tasks well but had a few human errors along the way that the commander had to acknowledge, forgive, and allow them to proceed forward with. 

Greyhound was a good film for many reasons: Tom Hanks leading as a Navy Commander showing the challenges of leadership and being alone at sea is one of them. Seeing the determination of soldiers to support merchant vessels as they crossed the sea is another. Yet, the main reason I loved this film was due to the show of unity between nations to ensure those who needed supplies received them during trying times. The United States may have entered the war late, but I’m glad they showed up and did their part in the Atlantic during World War Two. I recommend checking out Greyhound if you have access to AppleTV+ or want to have a bit more insight into a rarely talked about part of the war.

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