Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit


Show Notes

Casey, Josh, and Vince talk Taika Waititi’s Academy award-winning film Jojo Rabbit. A film that educated us with humor while covering heavy topics that are just s relevant today as they have been over the past century. Jojo Rabbit stars breakout actor Roman Griffin Davis as Jojo a boy who wants to join the club in 1940’s era Germany who consults his imaginary friend Adolf(portrayed by Watiti) about life and the conflicting emotions of growing up.  Join us as we share our thoughts on Jojo Rabbit.

Fun Facts and Easter Eggs

In the scene when the Gestapo comes to Jojo’s house “Heil Hitler” is said 31 times in one minute, according to Waititi. He wanted a funny moment, but also wanted to illustrate how ridiculous Nazi protocols were.

Taika was dressed as hitler while directing and jokes about how awkward that made telling people what to do

Movie Info

Director: Taika Waititi

Written by: Taika Waititi, Christine Leunens

Release date: November 8 2019

Budget: 14 million

Gross: 75 million

Critic Score: 80%
Audience Score: 93%
Imdb: 8.0

Oscar Noms:
Best Picture
Supporting Actress
Costume Design
Production Design
Film Editing

Roman Griffin Davis
Thomas Mckenzie
Scarlet Johansen
Sam Rockwell
Archie Yates
Taika Waititi

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