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A Knight’s Tale Still Holds up!

Film: A Knight’s Tale Directed By: Brian HelgelandStarring: Heath Ledger, Shannyn Sossamon, Paul Bettany, Rufus Sewell, Alan Tudyk, Mark Addy, Laura Fraser, James Purefoy, Bérénice Bejo, and Christopher Cazenove. Key Details: Released in 2001, A Knight’s Tale is an Adventure / Comedy film about changing ones stars jousting throughout Medieval Europe.  Ratings: IMDB: 6.9/10  RottenContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale Still Holds up!”

Greyhound Is A Must See

Greyhound was a good film for many reasons:Tom Hanks leading as a Navy Commander showing the challenges of leadership and being alone at sea is one of them.

Spotlight: A Heavy Topic With A Powerful Message

In Spotlight a new editor arrives at the Boston Globe the team is invited to do a deep dive into the charges against John Geoghan. As the team digs deeper into their investigation for the truth they turn the community upside down when they release a story that shook the world in early 2002.

Lights Out was Terrifying

The vision for Lights Out is a simple no-frills thriller that kept your mind focused on the main story of the film, why is the Wells family dealing with this dark being?

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

This film will pull at your heartstrings not only for the story of the Americans but also for the Libyan people who wanted better for their country as it was taken over by terrorists. This film is heavy, watch with caution, but you should watch it at least once no matter where you stand politically.

Warcraft Wasn’t Bad At All.

While Warcraft didn’t perform well in theaters in the US it was a massive success abroad and should be the stepping stone for moviegoers into Azeroth and the battle happening between Orcs and mankind.

John Wick Patron Saint of Dogs

John Wick is a retired assassin who has been pushed out of retirement by a series of unfortunate events. As Wick reintegrates himself with his former occupation the underbelly of New York is shown to be classier than ever expected.

Dinner For Schmucks

Dinner for Schmucks will have you uncomfortable in awkward situations and laughing uncomfortably at others. Paul Rudd and Steve Carell lead out on a wild adventure of friendship supported by a strong cast that allow for Rudd and Carell to shine. Don’t be late to dinner after watching this tragically beautiful comedy

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty And Learning To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty is a well thought out mix of sound and visual quality. The sets are designed to help you feel the emotion and see the changes happening around Walter throughout the film. Everything is combined with a great soundtrack that will make you want to hop out of your chair and venture out from your comfort zone a step out two into the unknown.

The Real World Feel of The Town

Childhood friends from Charlestown turned bank robbers seek to make fast cash working with a florist, clever disguises, smart driving while dating a key witness, and running from the FBI.

A Quiet Place

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt silently guide us through the new normal in the world of A Quiet Place as they show us various adaptions made to their home and everyday way of life, Be ready for a silent thriller that communicates through sign language and very few audible sounds.

2012 Was Just Ok

While 2012 was a good film it was not a great film. There were a few poorly thought out stunts and scenes that were built for the wow factor and not enough heart and problem solving throughout the adventure.

Taika Waititi’s Hunt For the Wilderpeople

An adventure that involves the wilderness, the police, time with mans best friend, and a solid line up of comedy Taika Waititi’s “Hunt For the Wilderpeople” will have you enjoying every minute of this film.

Steve Jobs

This film dives into the unpredictable attitude of Jobs and his strange relationships with coworkers, friends, and family. Fassbender shines in his performance as Steve Jobs.


Onward is an RPG with more heart than ever before. Expect to see a cool van, biker game, a manticore, and an array of mayhem that creates an adventure with heart.

The Social Network

Facebook is something I have been a member of since 2007 and use a little too frequently throughout the day. I knew I had to rewatch The Social Network when it landed on Netflix.

Alien: Covenant

And we’re back with another Ridley Scott film today as I couldn’t help but watch the latest film in the Alien franchise, Alien: Covenant.

Pineapple Express

This film delivered what I was looking for a dumb unapologetic comedy with a bigger message that real friends will have your back through thick, thin, and dysfunctional times.


If you’re like me you have wanted more of Ridley Scott’s universe from Alien you’re in luck with Prometheus.


A couple in a rocky relationship travels to Sweden to celebrate a Midsummer Festival with the Harga commune with their three friends. The festival turns out to be a once in a 90-year nightmare for the group.

30 Films In 30 Days

’m going to watch a film a day for thirty days starting July 9th and ending August 8th. Please follow along and let me know any feedback you have on my reviews and any additional insights you have on the film.

Food From Chef

We recently talked about Jon Favreau’s “Chef” on the podcast and we all brought up the mouth-watering food in this film. Here are a few recipes from our favorite food from Chef.

Oscars Recap

As the lights dim on the 2019 film season and we look ahead to 2020, the Oscars gave us a chance to look back and reflect on where film has taken us this last year.

Oscar Nominated Films of 2020

We recorded a few episodes on Oscar nominated films and wanted to share a quick graphic on our episodes on Joker, Parasite, 1917, and Once Upon A Time in Hollywood.

Rewatching Iron Man & The Rise of Marvel Studios

Personally, I don’t expect Marvel Studios to stop releasing films anytime soon but I wanted to look back at where this era of films started so I looked back at 2008’s Iron Man, which launched the Marvel Franchise we know today.

3 Comedies For Your Next Flight

This is why I loved our flights, we had nearly unlimited in flight entertainment and I wanted to share with you the three comedies that made us laugh out loud 30,000 feet above the Atlantic: Long Shot The House, and Tag.

Downey is Dolittle.

Just watched the trailer for Dolittle and needless to say I(Casey) and excited for this film. Looks as if it can be a film enjoyed by all ages. Excited to see how they portray Dr. Dolittle in this film. Based off the trailer itself looks to be an adventure see it in theaters January 17.Continue reading “Downey is Dolittle.”

The Idea.

We wanted a creative way to talk about movies without boring our wives so we created the Pause Rewind Play Podcast. We meet up 1-2 times a week to talk about newly released films, cult classics, tv series, special effects, and practical effects all while throwing a fair amount of humor, insight and opinion aroundContinue reading “The Idea.”

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